Sandboarding In Morocco Dunes

Sandboarding  In Morocco dunes, Erg Chegaga, Erg Lihoudi, Erg Chebbi.

A true and unforgettable experience, in a special way for the adventurous 

Experience sandboarding Merzouga in Morocco in the biggest sand dunes in North Africa. In Erg Chebbi dunes or Erg Chegaga dunes, you can practice your favorite surf and sport in the sand. We provide this experience in almost all our desert tours. All you have to do is when you will book a tour, tell us that you if want to include sandboarding in your desert package. You can have also a special desert tour. let us know.

Sand boarding in Morocco is available on all our tours To Erg Chebbi, Erg Lihoudi, Erg Zaher, Erg Chegaga. So if you plan to take one of our desert tours to one of these desert destinations, you will have sand boarding included.

Merzouga Sandboarding

Sandboarding Merzouga is a board sport that requires riding down dunes while standing with both feet attached to a board.

It is a wonderful way sport to discover big Merzouga dunes, all of our tours including the sandboarding.
Sandboarding Merzouga grew in popularity over recent years. To avid snowboarders and skiers, sand boarding may appear like a piece of cake.
Despite warm and soft sand, boarding includes hiking steep dunes and zipping down at speeds of up to 50 mph! boarding excursions are often joined with camel trekking, star gazing and camping the desert dunes of Merzouga.

Sandboarding activity in Merzouga is a wonderful way to explore the sand dunes of Merzouga in a funny way. Once in your desert camp at one of the largest sand dune, you will enjoy sliding down the desert sand dunes on your board.

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