Sand Bread In The Desert


Sand bread is Bedouin way of cooking bread in the desert in the past and now in some places where the nomads still live.
Sand bread is popular Bedouin way of preparing the dough cooking and bread in the sand in the past and still in some place with the nomads still lives. It mostly made by the men of the family in the time.


Mix the ingredients (water-flour-salt)and knead until we get a smooth paste, soft but not too soft.
Leave the dough aside to rest and brew for about an hour in a warm place.
Light the fine desert sand until the sand becomes very hot.
Divide the dough into medium-sized circles, then start with a circular disk.


Put the dough rolls round the embers and sand so hot, and then take the embers, and put on the loaf of bread to dry the loaf and sand does not stick to it.
After the loaf dries from the top, start by placing the hot sand on it and then put the embers back on it, so it stays for about 15-25 minutes.
After a period of time, lift the loaf of bread and knead well until we get rid of the sand that stuck to it. Thus the bread is ready to eat,

Ready without a single drop of sand.

Sand bread is in all our trekking to the desert. 

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