Nomad Culture Art And Traditions


The main element of the nomads’ lifestyle  in the desert 

The khaïma

The first element of nomad lifestyle (tent in black goat hair and camel), is the habitat par excellence of the Bedouin. After mowing the annual livestock by shepherds, the hair is cleaned by women that remove the thorns and twigs: Tcha’chi ‘. Spinning then transforms into flexible stubble son wound balls: Takbab. The loom comes into play, women come together regularly festive assemblies for sewing flijs. The traditional tent offers a luxurious living environment, cool and relaxing. It is open permanently on the vastness of the desert, offering the possibility to admire the landscapes of sight Sahara

The Deraa

(male clothing) consists of four main parts: – a long flowing robe, Deraa – the pants, serwal – the turban litham – and light sandals, do aïl.La Deraa, white or blue, is a long dress with large assembly seams and decorations, folded and bent shoulders.
The melhfa (female attire) is. It has evolved draped with grace, since nila (indigo) to the original silky and shimmering fabrics today.).


is an essential ritual whose preparation can occur at any time of day. On a bitter or sweet taste, it is a marker of hospitality. It is a friendly element around which the latest information is exchanged. The tea ceremony can last over an hour! A time to deepen any discussion whether domestic or societal in nature.

The dromedary

 The dromedary is known for his patience and endurance; it has always mitigated the suffering of pastoralists and facilitated their integration difficult to arid and semi-arid environments. It carries women, children, and goods over long distances in search of pasture and water points. Two other reasons for the prominent place occupied by the camel in nomadic culture: camel milk was originally the only source of calcium and fat; its meat was the sole protein intake.

The horse

a sign of social distinction among nomads. It plays the same role as the camel and exalts and physical qualities and abilities of a warrior tribe. The horsemen, dressed in their blue or white and black chèches Deraa, armed with handmade guns, offer the best of themselves to curry favor with the tribes and ululating women. The tribe is deserving one who submits the best horses and have been synchronizing powder bursts during competitions

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