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Sand Bread

Sand bread is Bedouin way of cooking bread in the desert in the past and now in some places where the nomads still live.
Sand bread is popular Bedouin way of preparing the dough cooking and bread in the sand in the past and still in some place with the nomads still lives. It mostly made by the men of the family in the time.


Mix the ingredients (water-flour-salt)and knead until we get a smooth paste, soft but not too soft.
Leave the dough aside to rest and brew for about an hour in a warm place.
Light the fine desert sand until the sand becomes very hot.
Divide the dough into medium-sized circles, then start with a circular disk.
Put the dough rolls round the embers and sand so hot, and then take the embers, and put on the loaf of bread to dry the loaf and sand does not stick to it.


Nomad lifestyle

Nomad culture,Art and tradition

The khaïma (tent in black goat hair and camel), is the habitat par excellence of the Bedouin. After mowing the annual livestock by shepherds, the hair is cleaned by women that remove the thorns and twigs: Tcha’chi ‘. Spinning then transforms into flexible stubble son wound balls: Takbab. The loom comes into play, women come together regularly festive assemblies for sewing flijs. The traditional tent offers a luxurious living environment, cool and relaxing. It is open permanently on the vastness of the desert, offering the possibility to admire the landscapes of sight Sahara


Real Morocco experience


Experience sandboarding in Morocco in the biggest sand dunes in North Africa. In Erg Chebbi dunes or Erg Chegaga dunes, you can practice your favorite surf and sport in the sand. We provide this experience in almost all our desert tours. All you have to do is when you will book a tour, tell us that you if want to include sandboarding in your desert package. You can have also a special desert sandboarding tour. let us know.

Real Morocco experience

International Nomads Festival

1 st festival created in southern Morocco, the International Festival of Nomads For 15 years, an international benchmark for cultural diversity and openness to the world. The International Festival of Nomads is an outdoor festival, a citizen and artistic festival. It takes place once a year in M’hamid El Ghizlane, 90 km south of Zagora in the Drâa Valley (Morocco). Cultural activities highlight the tangible and intangible heritage of nomadic tribes, thus helping to preserve their cultural identity. This festival is a real “springboard” for a nomadic culture.

Real Morocco experience

Taragalt Festival In Mhamid

Join us for a unique experience at the gates of the Sahara, three days of immersion in nomadic life to enjoy the music of the world.

Celebrate nomadic culture and world music under the stars

Taragalte is a 3 day festival under the stars in M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Zagora, Morocco. From the 27th to the 29th of October, we celebrate peace and nomadic heritage in the desert of South Morocco.

Nomadic Culture

Experience the nomadic lifestyle… bake bread in the sand, join a tea ceremony and attend camel races. Sleep in a beautiful Berber tent.

Music and Dance

Dance with us under the stars to the rhythms of the blowing wind. Oum and many more artists will be announced soon.

Local Products

Learn from the past and prepare for the future while meeting people from all over the world sharing a good glass of tea with just a bit of sugar… Connecting Worlds

Take a walk through the festival market with products and crafts and smell, taste and feel the local treasures with all your senses!

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