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local Lifestyle Home

The Local Lifestyle option gives you the opportunity to create personal associations with the people of Morocco. It will give you an extensive understanding of the everyday life of the locals. Local lifestyle also presents cultural exchange opportunities and allows for total immersion into the local language.

Take advantage of local lifestyle opportunities to increase your worldview and enhance the lives of locals. Homestay accommodations create a symbiotic connection with local families.
It’s not expected, but you will be encouraged to join and learn how your local lifestyle family bears out their daily duties.

This might include helping villagers with animals, learning to cook traditional meals, shopping at the souks or harvesting food, fetching water.

Become aware of their spiritual traditions and rituals, and take part in their social activities. You might even get invited to attend a fete or wedding.

Enjoy holidays, home rituals and general interactions in the families. Learn the way they communicate with each other, greeting each other, share meals and how things are set up in the house. Learn where they like to go, what locals like to do, and their activities throughout the day.

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