M’Hamid accommodations



M'Hamid accommodations - 3 Kind of camps for you

DesertBrise Travel has all our bases met with your comfort and pleasure in mind. We understand that everyone has a variety of expectations when they travel and take a vacation, and we intend to meet as many of those wishes as possible. Keep in mind you can mix your M’Hamid accommodation and stay in the permanent camp and the mobile Nomad camp.  comfort camp or  local stay 

M'Hamid accommodations

Nomad Camp

Immerse yourself into the beauty of the desert.

Our nomad camps, mobile and permanent, consisting of all the traditions things of a nomadic lifestyle without moving at night. You will have a chance to break free from the vacation norms and enjoy astonishing desert vistas,

M'Hamid accommodations

Comfort camp

Unwrap in an upscale and unforgettable experience.

Our comfort camps are a great alternative for travelers who are interested in a more refined camping experience. Our comfort camps consist of tents that outfitted in traditional Berber style with enhanced amenities.

M'Hamid accommodations

Local lifestyle

Expand your worldview with a touch more spontaneity.

Try your hand at haggling at the souks, learn the language, and take part in rituals. Our local lifestyle option lets you make a personal connection with the people of Morocco and gain a deeper understanding of the everyday life

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