Golden Sand Association Social Goals

Fighting against the misuse of plastic bags

– Created a small space of leisure for the children who, after the school, can have fun in manual activities and DIY, drawing, singing of the desert, read books for the children together.

-Provide education with nomadic children who have not been to school
occupy children in the association rather than in the street (after school)
develop their skills while having fun

-Have activities during school holidays

Enhance the education production of children 

-Fight illiteracy among women by the providing course in Arabic and other materials

-Raise the awareness of the importance of the education  



Create Wells For Wild Animels in Desert and The Nomads

aims to help the nomads of the desert of southern Moroccan Sahara

-Create wells to provide nomads and animals with water;
-Purchases of solar panels and motors for the operation of wells;
-Summer camps at the seaside for disadvantaged children;
-Purchase of a 4×4 vehicle for logistics;
-Support children for the purchase of medical care;
help a group of women to develop a small craft trade with local products;
purchase of food for camels, goats, the creation of a shelter

-Helping the nomad families 


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