Exclusive Desert Treks In M’Hamid Desert


A true and unforgettable experience, in a special way for Nature and dessert lovers 


We love to offer you better experiences in the desert. Truly unforgettable emotions will be the slogan of your holidays. in total safety and security for all our new guests or loyal customers. Pure Water, Fresh Food, Skilled people and drivers in any weather conditions and on any territory. This state of mind, peaceful and tranquillity will allow you to dive your senses. your heart and your soul in what we call “the real desert experience”.
We work for making our guests feel like they are at home, or better than home also in an easy way with poor and simple things. Our customers love to return to “home” in the desert, again and again, becoming true desert lovers.

A true and unforgettable experience, in a special way for hikers and trekkers and nature lovers.We have a message for nature lovers, who love to connect themselves in the desert trying a new experience and discovering new amazing elements and sceneries.

There is more than you can see, touch and feel during a traditional travel in Moroccan Sahara or general holiday on the sand and dunes of the desert.

We love to offer you a true cultural experience with the desert arts, Berber language, natural food, nomadic traditions, music, and lifestyle, we’ll share our love for environment and nature, sand, dunes, stars, life …..
Your soul and your heart will love, appreciate and remember forever this fantastic experience in the desert. You will see all this in your works and photos done during your trip with us.

We have selected special places where you’ll be able to feed your deep passion for natural sand, dunes, trees, sunrise and sunset, people. We immerse you in the nomadic lifestyle and learn about the history of a nation used to live moving around the desert with their camels and sheep.
we share with you our stories and our grandfather’s stories to take you to take you back to a beautiful life that our fathers live.


We have designed carefully tours in places like Erg Chegaga, Daya, Er Gouera, Erg Zeher, Erg Lihoudi, Erg Smar, Erg Zmila starting from M’Hamid el Ghizlane and other special places discovered in the within 10 – 100 Km from the oasis, still in Morocco. You can walk totally free in these wonderful and safe places.
There are also valleys and top of mountains like great places like Bani mountains, the territory of M’Hamid El Ghizlane.


During the whole year, Summer included (taking some extra precautions in June, July, August, because of the heat).

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