Camel Ride in Morocco

Camel Ride in Morocco 

Camel ride in Morocco offers a unique way to explore the landscape of the Morocco desert, oasis, Palm gover. Riding a camel in Marrakech is an Amazing experience and one which you are unlikely to ever forget. and where better to do it than in the authentic environment that is the desert. A number of camel ride experiences across Morocco desert, oasis offers the opportunity to take a camel ride  in Morocco in safe surroundings (and, of course, with friendly camels!)

If riding a camel is on your travel bucket list when you come to Morocco. so You will have a wide range of activity and different place to do That. Staring From the landing city to the desert and the coast. Camel Ride In Marrakech is the best Option for your limited time 


Morocco Camel Ride Tour

Ride camel In Marrakech - Agadir - Essouira - Desert Mhamid

Camel Ride In Marrakech

Discover the large and rugged Palm Grove and Rock Desert of Marrakech from a unique scene. the back of a Malian camel.

On this 2-hour camel ride experience, you will escape the city of Marrakech and explore the country.following in the footsteps of caravans that have done so for ages. Don a traditional cheich (protective turban veil) and ride by authentic villages and green palm groves, 

Camel ride In Essouira beach

Ride a camel across Essaouira’s beach, Forest and dunes on a 2-hour guided ride. Take the rhythmic sway of the camel step. from a traditional saddle, and absorb stunning panoramas of the Atlantic coast. Scramble up the sides of steep sandy dunes, explore shady forests and get a camel’s-eye view of Essaouira’s quiet countryside.

Camel ride In Agadir Beach

Have an authentic Moroccan adventure on this camel riding tour! Escape the city noise of Agadir. atop a dromedary (Arabian camel), the traditional Berber method of travel. After pick-up from your lodge, you’ll be whisked off to the stables to meet your camel. Your guide will accompany you over the sand dunes to the 6.5-kilometre long perfect sandy beach at the bottom of the Atlantic Mountains.

Mhamid Camel ride

Enjoy relaxing ride on a dromedary while exploring the Desert of  Mhamid El Ghizlane, The gate of the desert. Discovering The desert, dunes, rivers on the dromedary.
Move on without stress and ecologically with the lovable dromedaries.
Bring the whole family; an activity for young and old; suitable for children as for seniors and Take a trip to the rhythm of the quiet step of the dromedary

Camel Ride in Morocco Desert

Take a deep Trekking and discover the nomadic local lifestyle

Camel ride in Morocco is suitable for all ages!
Camels have been important throughout history in the Morocco Desert. particularly during the before the borders period. when the animals were used to transport spices and other precious goods from what is Mali, Soudan to Morocco. Crossing Mhamid Desert, a network of Villages, Kasbah and rest stops were developed at 50km intervals. which is the maximum distance a camel can ride each day with a full load .(an unloaded camel can ride over 100km a day!) The Nomads developed a complex communication and support network based upon the camel, and ever since the people of the Mhamid including the Bedouins who were traditionally nomadic people, have used camels as a pivotal part of their


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Camel Trekking easy

Camel Trekking Easy

Camel trek in Morocco

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