All What you Have To Know About Morocco

All What you Have To Know About Morocco Immerse yourself in ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ adventure

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Below are a few facts of All What You Have To Know About Morocco that may strengthen or neutralize your senses of Morocco. In case you still have any questions after looking through the following, It’s a world far removed from the West, but where Europe meets Africa — it is at once captivating.
Undoubtedly, Morocco’s primary attraction, aside from its climate, is its terrific variety of beautiful open areas, the majority of which remains unexplored. Breaking bread and taking mint tea collectively is an easy, yet important, a habit which you will have the great fortune to experience.
Morocco surely offers everything in one breathtaking package; royal mountain ranges (there are 3 ranges from the Atlas independently ), a huge shore
and the spectacular wilderness of the Sahara Desert.
Only a stone’s throw from Europe (or Even 13km to be precise), Morocco conjures up images of Puzzle & exoticism, a Vibrant spectrum of sights and Colours, Visitors to Morocco might not yet know about the nation’s remarkable generosity and hospitality towards visitors.


Marrakech can see temperatures exceeding 45 degrees C, and farther south even fiercer. The Atlantic shore enjoys a temperate climate all year although summertime feels warmer than winter due to stronger sea breezes. Rainfall is never prolonged, however intense, and to witness rain in the desert is surely special.
The snow-line doesn’t pass below 1800m.
Are cold during the night, so layering is crucial. In the summertime, Morocco likes on average over 300 days of sun annually and sunlight is strong even in winter. As everywhere globally, weather conditions in Morocco are becoming far less predictable


The country is dissected in two, north-east into the south-west, by the Atlas Mountain ranges (Middle, High, Anti) and it shares a border with Algeria and Mauritania.
The Rif Mountains in the far North are observable from Spain’s Sierra Nevada.
1hr into the Atlas, 3hr to the beach, 5hr into the beginning of the pre-Saharan oases, and 7hr to the Sahara itself. Western Sahara is Moroccan-held territory, although disputed The Arabic name given for Morocco, by medieval historians and geographers, is”al-Maghrib al-Aqsa”, interpreted as a furthest westerly kingdom Morocco is just 13km from Spain but is smaller compared to its neighbor, regardless of its land bordering 3500km of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Geography (of the Maghreb countries in North-West Africa).
Marrakech is the southern-most of the four Imperial Cities (together with Fes, Meknes, and Rabat from the North) and is ideally situated to get into the Fantastic outdoors;

Culture&  Custom & Traditions

Is suspended in Islam and is very traditional. We, therefore, remind you to be respectful of particular aspects of society here, in particular with your apparel and Moroccan culture
Morocco is a very safe, tolerant and relaxed country. Its ample hospitality knows no bounds and you’ll be exceptionally well looked after wherever you stay. In rural regions avoid having too much skin on display, so cover up your arms and legs as much as you can. When shopping for souvenirs, homewares, items of clothing, etc in the souks (markets) expect to have to haggle over the cost; this is absolutely normal and all part of a Elaborate bargaining game between you and the shop-keeper! Have a price in mind before you start the negotiations and attempt to stick to it. Don’t forget, you can always walk Is a particularly sacred time for Muslims and you ought to be mindful of your apparel in Marrakech. Also, at this time, think twice before publicly drinking, During the fasting month of Ramadan. Back in Marrakech, and on the beach,”anything goes” dress-wise but hope to get noticed if that’s the case. Smoking or eating in public spaces during the day, especially so near areas of worship. Away from the negotiation at any time (this often helps the shop-keeper come round for your price!).

Food & Drink

From the embers of a fire, along with flavorsome salads. Of tea throughout your experience with us. the Sabbath. Dessert Isn’t really a huge deal in mealtimes, also, generally, new fruit (pomegranate, melon, peaches, grapes, for Example ) is served and a glass of the ubiquitous mint tea. Other fruits particular to Morocco are all figs, dates and sweet pears. Invited into a Moroccan home.

Probably experience this from the desert; observe that the staple of every meal, bread, baked fresh in the hot sand under the coals of the campfire and take part in the art Other notable dishes include pastilla (full filo pastry package, sweet & savoury), mechwi (roasted whole lamb or sheep, occasionally cooked in a fire-pit from the floor, Tipping is also an established practice in the tourism service. Tipping stays completely optional but is a Really welcome and accepted way of guides, drivers, From a European perspective, something as simple as making a cup of java or carbonated a loaf of bread, here in Morocco carries huge cultural significance. You will most Spicy foods include tagine (named for its conical Of the tea service. Nothing is rushed! The planning of tea really is a social network that opens conversation and connects peoples with their own heritage. You will, Without Doubt, enjoy countless glasses Exotic food is absolutely delicious and good for you too; lots of fresh, seasonal fruit & veggies, all grown in Morocco, of course, lean meat (often lamb) Sweet snacks are wonderful Moroccan pastries, frequently made with honey and almonds and not too sick, and they create a thoughtful gift to take along if you’re Earthenware pot the dish has been slowly cooked, over charcoal) and couscous (semolina steamed three times to keep it mild ) that is usually consumed on Fridays,

Arab & Berber identity

The Berbers were, of course, the original people of Morocco, that the Arabs didn’t invade before the 7th C. Eventually, almost all Berbers converted to Islam and were accepted You will be fortunate enough to be absorbed in this culture. T dialects of Berber spoken, based on certain areas in the country, and only since the Constitution of 2011 gets the”Berber speech”
Today, most Moroccans can claim both Berber and Arab heritage. From the Rif and Atlas Mountains and in the South, including the desert, all groups of pure Berbers stay.
There Are Lots of different
Today, Berber individuality is powerful in Morocco and also the people are proud. Berber habits are unique in terms of design & art, music, dress & jewelry, and wedding rites. Been formally known as Morocco’s second speech (alongside Arabic).

Gitting Of Morocco

Flights from the united kingdom carry on average only 3.5 hours Marrakech and are served by 6 airlines on scheduled routes. Marrakech airport is just 15mins drive from The city and we arrange to collect you at the airport. There are currently no official requirements for travelers to possess specific inoculations before coming however we recommend that you be up-to-date together with jabs for hepatitis A, In Spain and then a short ferry crossing to Tangiers. Crossing times vary between 40mins (Tarifa) and 90mins (Algeciras). From coming date. typhoid, tetanus, and polio. Alternatively, and with time to spare, you can reach Morocco by train in approx. 42 hours from London (we’ve done it!) . Including an overnight in Algeciras (or Tarifa) EU nationals do not need a visa to enter Morocco and are allowed to remain for 90 days at a time. You Will Have to have 6 months validity remaining on your passport


We recommend that you just use a cashpoint on arrival, or change GBP or Eur in a bureau de change . The Moroccan currency is the Dirham (MAD) and is a closed currency (though it could be possible to purchase it at certain airport exchange desks). Approx. Exchange prices are 1: 14.5 MAD and $1: 10.5 MAD. Bottles of water (1.5l) price around 6-10dh, small coffee or mint tea around 12-15dh, short taxi holiday in Marrakech no longer than 15dh, Lunch/snack about 80dh in the primary square 

Some Vocabulary

For the first visit, you may like to try out the below Arabic words and even if you don’t speak it may help you to understand some of the phrases you may hear around you.

La bas? – how are you?
BeKhir – good, well (as in beKhir? are you well?)
Salam Alaikum – peace be upon you
the response to being greeted with salam –Wa Alaikum salamalaikum
Sabah l’kheer – good morning
Msa l’kheer – good evening
Leila saeeda – goodnight
Bislama – goodbye
Shoukran – thank you
Afak / please – minfadlik (to a woman) – minfadlak (to a man) and afik –
Naam – yes

La – no
Shwiya – a little
Bzaf – a lot, very
Mezyen – good
Safee – that’s enough, that’s it
Wakha – ok

Kayn? – is there?
shahaal? – how much?
Kabir – big
Saghir – small

Security Matters

We advise people to the Kingdom of Morocco to read through their very own government’s foreign office advice prior to traveling.
Contemplate how that advice compares to travel to other countries. We invite you to read our blog article on Morocco’s Spirit of Community, please see here. This highlights
the cultural facets of Morocco, gleaned from living in a little community. To put it differently, the reasons we believe Morocco a safe tourist destination to see.
Further points to deal with any concerns —
we don’t operate desert tours in Morocco from the land of Western Sahara. This is more than 1000 km away from the region you will see.
You will find a police presence around the country, not just in cities. This has been the situation for several years and is a simple fact of life. Police check-points on main roads
serve to not only check speed but also to control vehicles/road users.
The border with Algeria was closed for 23 decades. The military patrols the boundary at frequent intervals, although this will not be visible to you during your desert excursion.
You will not see the border.
There is an important overseas investment in high-profile infrastructure projects (like the NOOR solar energy plant at Ouarzazate and the high-speed TGV rail line in the North),
and at the tourism sector (e.g. that the December 2016 opening of a new airport terminal in Marrakech and afterward at Fes). Global resort brands are increasing their numbers
in Morocco (e.g. Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Sofitel, Fairmont). Airlines are raising the number of flights to Morocco (like Ryanair, EasyJet, Austrian, Royal Air Maroc). Annually, it broadcasts renowned sporting and cultural events (among other people,
that the Marathon des Sables; Marrakech Film Festival; Fes Festival of World Sacred Music).
Please contact us with any question.

Footwear For the desert

Even in Winter, it’s comfortable to trek from the desert in sandals (with socks) because this minimizes the possibility of blisters. Running shoes/trainers will also be fine to attract But if you’re walking in hot weather you will find trekking sandals/trainers more comfortable. All footwear should be worn-in. Barefoot is the option if You’ve Got hard bottoms (particularly for the evenings) yet you’ll discover that the sand will probably get beneath your insoles. Canvas ankle boots are fine (perhaps for the first morning/cold weather),

Animal Welfare

The global charity, SPANA, has created an internet, ethical creature tourism manual,’Holiday Hooves’. You may get this manual here
SPANA quotes that there are just two million operating animals (donkeys, mules, horses) at Morocco. The manual encourages people to encourage owners that treat their animals with respect and kindness.
SPANA also motivates anyone to examine that the mistreatment of animals to the neighborhood Consciousness of these species. Among the BMAC attempts targets the photograph prop commerce and urges people to prevent having photographs taken with macaques, Jarjeer is approx. 25 minutes from town.
Tourism board. And to record the photograph practice/pet exchange to the local tourism board. Never provide to pay to save an animal out of the keeper.
If you’re interested in animal welfare, then you might like to take into account a visit from Marrakech into’Jarjeer Mules’ monster refuge. Additional Info on the photograph prop commerce and illegal pet trade from Morocco is showcased around the BMAC

Wifi and staying connected

There is no wifi connection in the Sahara desert. When you have an urgent need to remain connected you need to buy a SIM card out of network operator Orange. You should Have the Ability to Discover From time to time, complimentary SIM cards are handed out in the Marrakech airport.
These won’t operate in the desert (only the Orange system works via the Iriqui National Park/Erg Chigaga area ). An Orange outlet in the Marrakech medina around Boulevard Mohamed V, or close to the Place Ferblantiers. Alternatively at the Almazar shopping center that’s from town.
You can expect to find wifi in the guest houses we utilize on the excursions.

Weather Forecast

We notice the ‘meteoblue’ forecast fairly accurate. Search for MHamid El Ghizlane for the Sahara desert:
Alternative forecast on ‘weather underground’:


Tipping is totally optional and is a very welcome and approved way for drivers, guides, cooks etc to encourage their low incomes. 50dh per night a person at Berber Sea camp. In pubs, it is normal to round the bill up or to leave a few coins on your server. In restaurants, 10 percent of the invoice is all about perfect. Acceptable figures are — 100-150dh per day for the motorist, 50-100dh per day per guide on trek (variable in an additional% of the tip for the camel-handler on trek),

Your Driver

He’s experienced and knows the roads (and desert terrain) tremendously nicely. He’s your traveling companion and route guide. Please Don’t Hesitate to ask him to stop if you need to and don’t be afraid to ask him questions — after all, you’re going to be spending a few hours in the car together and that is a great Opportunity to market cultural insights (from either side ). He does understand the best areas for comfort breaks, snacks, opinions, and photographs.

Times Kipping

Time-keeping this really is more’fluid” than you could possibly be employed to back home. However, what is extremely important to stick to — flight schedules and sunset in town! We offer you with the collection and/or passing times each morning. Timings are approximate and are for advice after all this is your holiday so nothing Is pre-determined — it doesn’t matter if you would rather spend an additional 20mins more than breakfast!

Marrakech Hamman

We advise that you encounter a hammam if in Morocco — actually, it is among Our Best 5 Things To Do In Morocco. Many people to Morocco is going to have the ability to try out this at a personal spa (we could advocate spas for you personally, in case your riad does not have you ). You’ll Need to Bring a change of swimwear or underwear alongside you. But, you may pay a visit to a public bathroom as the regional inhabitants would do once a week (segregated men/women naturally ). The neighborhood hammam is frequently adjoining the neighborhood mosque. (NB: that the embers utilized to warm the water to the hammam frequently bake the area bread loaves or tanjia — beef dish cooked in the pot).

Marrakech restaurants

We can advise on a few of our favorite places to eat (inside / beyond the medina) — however please see our remarks about dining in town!


It is easily purchased in Marrakech shops, and even in Ouarzazate. almost all riads/ hotels in Marrakech will offer it. There are a few rural guest-houses which likewise do this.


From the souk in Marrakech — when shopping for Memorabilia, homewares, items of Clothes, etc, do Hope to have to haggle over the price; this is Absolutely normal

If you are coming to Morocco with a view to picking up some regional handicrafts please let us know. True, you’re likely to get what you’re looking for in Marrakech. No intention of purchasing, don’t act interested. However, if you’d rather wait till you are on the road to go’directly to the origin, and for more affordable pricing with no hassle involved, then we could take you to some pottery Cooperative in Tamegroute and a carpeting cooperative in Taznakht. Family-run and supporting their local communities, you will also have to see how the goods are made, using Centuries-old methods. We only suggest this as we’ve purchased products here ourselves. it’s easily purchased in Marrakech shops, and also in Ouarzazate.
Many riads/hotels in Marrakech will sell it. There are a few rural guest-houses which also do so. Managing goods & showing any kind of mild interest, when browsing in the souk, is often interpreted from the shop-keeper as a certain purchase. If you really possess You can always walk away in the discussion anytime (this often assists the shop-keeper to come around to your cost!). Take a price in mind before you begin the negotiations and attempt to keep to it. Don’t forget,

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