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The following tips are only suggestions for trekking that will allow you to approach your stay under the best auspices … and in the best conditions alongside your hosts 


The essentials: 

A chèche, which you will find easily on your arrival and which will be useful against the sun, the wind, the sand,

and many other uses that you will discover for yourself.

Walking shoes. Depending on the season, rather ‘all-terrain’ hiking sandals if you leave the warm months (April, May, June, September, October),

Trekking shoes with good socks the other months and for excursions in Atlas. But a good pair of comfortable sneakers will always do the trick.

Good sunglasses.

The standard list of recommended equipment:

A backpack (preferable for carrying by camels)

A down, up to -5 ° (to be seen according to the chosen period)

A small backpack for the day

A gourd

A flashlight (headlamp even better) with its spare batteries!

A pocket knife (to be left in the hold during the flight)

A lighter

Paper bags for your daily trash

A windbreaker jacket

A cotton or woolen tights for the night (recommended for winter nights in the desert)

For the Atlas: good trekking shoes holding the ankle, big socks, a hat, a pair of light gloves, rain gear, warm sweater, fleece …


… says an oriental proverb … It’s hot but does not forget that you are in a Muslim country and the nomads and villagers that you can meet may be shocked if your outfit is too casual (low-cut, short skirts ..). Just try not to shock the public and respect their modesty and religion. 



Plan a small kit of medicines consisting of at least: plaster, dressings, sterile compresses, disinfectant, tablets or sachets of paracetamol and/or aspirin, antidiuretic, eye drops, dressings against blisters …

Sunscreen (total screen preferably) to which you will add, in case a tube of biafine …

 Know that if you do not use certain drugs, they can be useful to nomads. At the end of your stay, think about giving them (aspirin, cough drops, syrup …), the drugs are expensive and not reimbursed in Morocco.


 In the desert, everything is different. You will discover that the essential daily shower is not so crucial … For the toilet, take water spray and baby wipes. Do not forget also the toilet paper. In the desert, nothing rotten. For your used wipes and papers, either you will burn them immediately, or you will throw them in your paper bag which will be burned the morning of the departure, by your companions, with all the waste



  Only a valid passport is sufficient, upon arrival at the airport, you will be asked to fill out a police form and in hotels. You can withdraw money Dirham upon arrival at the airport and easily in all major cities. Plan small bills for your taxis and small expenses. The Dirham varies little and is around 1 € = 11 dirham. You will not be able to change your dirhams when you return to spend all or just plan!

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