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DesertBrise Travel Story

DesertBrise Travel is a small agency, Run by Khalil a nomad from the village M’Hamid el Ghizlane, who worked to become a professional travel has now over 9 years of experience in the travel industry, we only work with family and Friends with big knowledge, all from Mhamid,we offer a wide range of services throughout the country, especially in the southern Desert and some less uncovered areas.

 Khalil a young man from the deep desert area called Elboutia, I start working in the domain of tourism as a desert guide to show people the road as I born there and knows every place in my big home. after I get too old enough for School family move to Mhamid the last village in the south of Morocco but they back to desert when there spring or rain. I start attending school but I keep thinking of the desert every time but my work in guiding helps me go back to desert all the time when I don’t have school. after 10 years in the of the experience and Enough knowledge about different cultures and what travelers want to experience in real, I started DesertBrise Travel to offer what traveler really want to experience and feel.DesertBrise travel is running by an old and young professional team who has the acknowledge and passion.

what we Offer 

we start by offering a unique experience in the desert with nomads following the nomadic lifestyle of travel or our way to travel in the desert. organizing private experience for single travelers, couples or groups who wish to visit and explore best parts of Morocco including Sahara desert and Atlas mountains. Our tours are always private, and we put all our energy to provide well-organized trips, with good food, best and well-treated animals, as we are camel men from fathers to sons since decades and decades, know-how that ensures total security to our customers. We also work with professional drivers for rides between Marrakech, Sahara desert, Atlas mountains, and northern Morocco.

Most of all, we are deeply fond of our nomadic culture, and love to make people discover the hidden secrets of the ancient Imperial cities where labyrinthine souks hold pyramids of rainbow-colored spices, explore the beauty of High Atlas mountain, as well as the peace of unforgettable skies at night in the desert, the fun and pride to ride a camel, the rhythm and poetry of our music, and finally our simple way of life in which the keyword is hospitality. A true eco-tourism and unforgettable experience.
We built several customs made tours to make you discover the magic and beauty of Morocco,

Our services

  1. We offer a variety of Morocco private journeys and holidays.
  2. 100% nomadic lifestyle From Mhamid 
  3. Real and authentic private Morocco tour holiday
  4. Desert adventure trekking and walking trips with nomads
  5. Our Trip start From Casablanca-Marrakech-Agadir-Fez-Ouarzazate airport cites.
  6. Day excursion Excursion From Marrakech 
  7. Customized Morocco tours depend on your desire 
  8. Trips for singles, couples, small groups and also families

Meet The Team

Khalil-desertbrise travel owner


General Manager
Desertbrise travel team - abidin


Nomad Camel Man
Desertbrise travel team - Salam


Nomad Camel Man
Desertbrise travel team - Mostapha


Professional Guide
desertbrise team mostapha


Professional Driver /Guide
Desertbrise travel team - naji


Professional Driver
I am Khalil General Manager
Call Us: +212669710688
Email Us: info@desertbrise-travel.com
Whatsapp: +212600454881
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